Brahma Kumaris Traffic Control

About this application

The Brahma Kumaris system of "Traffic Control" is a mental excersise practiced throughout the day at various times to stop all the traffic of thoughts on cue, as if presented with a red traffic light signal. Reminders to do this are broadcast through the main Brahma Kumaris centres by playing some soft music or an old Hindi song over a PA system at the designated times. Implementing such as system used to be hard work when the only technology available was a cassette recorder and a timer, or someone to press "play". Fortunately, the widespread availibilty of computers and smart devices has made Implementing Traffic Control very simple.

This system is works in two ways. Firstly it runs as you see it, in a desktop web browser and secondly it is possible to install it on a Raspberry Pi device to run continuously in, say, a centre using this modified Raspberry Pi image.

Web browser mode

When this website is accessed by a desktop web browser it will automatically play the Traffic Control music as long as the desktop computer remains awake and the Traffic Control web page is open. Unfortunately, this website won't work on mobile devices because it is not possible for a website to start playing music automatically. If you wish to play Traffic Control music on your mobile device then see some of the options below for Android and Apple devices.

Raspberry Pi mode

When the application is running on a Raspberry Pi, it is accessed on the same network using the URL, http://tcpi. Extra controls are visible to control whether the music plays on the Raspberry Pi or through the web browser accessing the Raspberry Pi. Also the library of music can be added to by uploading your own music.

Other systems

There is a difference in style between systems originating in India and outside India. In India exactly the same song is played at the same time of day. The hourly song, the "Drill", is also always the same song. In other countries the words of the songs are not understood and so there is more preference for quiet and varied music with less repetition. Some centres mix traditional songs with varied music for, say, the hourly drill.

The system provided here caters for different preferences simply by changing the playlist.

Indian online system

Two systems are available here. One is an online desktop browser system similar to this one and the other is a desktop application implmemented in Adobe Air. The desktop version has more playlist options.

Traffic control "boxes" available in Global Shop, Madhuban etc

These consist of a Bluetooth speaker that also accepts an SD card. The SD card is pre-programmed with fixed songs and silence tracks so that it repeats every twenty four hours. The SD card is glued into the speaker, presumably to prevent it getting lost. To initialise the box it is necessary to find the correct track for the hour and start it playing at exactly that time. This system is likely to drift off time very quickly after the first day.

Android Apps

There are some Android Apps available that implement Traffic Control. These are the ones I found. I haven't personally tried them.

Iphone/Ipad Apps